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BMW M3 2014 Sports Sedan Review

BMW M3 2014 Sports Sedan Review. The BMW M3 2014 marks the return of the perfect all-around car for enthusiasts. From track-day heroism to the daily commute, the M3 does it all with aplomb.

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BMW M3 2014

The BMW M3 2014 is based on the new F30 platform, a rear- and all-wheel-drive design that is slightly larger than the E90 platform it replaces. Compared with the standard 3-series, the M3 will have wider front and rear tracks and a heavily modified chassis. We expect a four-door sedan, a two-door coupe, and a retractable-hardtop convertible. Old-school M fans will lament the absence of a high-revving naturally aspirated engine. Then, when BMW M3 is eventually replaced, people will lament the possible loss of the innovative three-blower engine.

The BMW M3 returns after a brief hiatus, as is its custom when a new generation of BMW 3 Series has been introduced. Rumors about BMW’s most beloved high-performer abound, but the automaker’s North American boss recently clarified one of the chief mysteries. The BMW M3 2014 will not get a twin-turbo V6 as once speculated, but instead a classic inline six-cylinder, likely of the 3.0-liter variety and most definitely turbocharged. The only question remains whether it gets two or three (yes, three) turbochargers. Regardless, a turbo engine marks a significant departure for a nameplate that has a long tradition of high-revving, naturally aspirated engines. What probably won’t change is a standard six-speed manual transmission, offered alongside an optional seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual gearbox.


The BMW M3 2014 is also likely to get electric-assist steering similar to that fitted on the new 3 Series (although with high-performance tuning). It’s one of many components that M Division engineers will use to meet ever-tightening European and U.S. fuel economy standards, while still achieving low 4-second 0-60 times.The BMW M3 Coupé continues the tradition of the M GmbH to build a perfect high-performance sports car.


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